We support disabled women to create beauty with no limits

The Miss Wheelchair World Project was created with the thought of changing the image of disabled women in the whole world in mind. Our organization believes that disability is not a limitation, and we want to break those barriers.

Who are we?

Miss Wheelchair World is an international non-profit organization, created by The Only One Foundation based in Ciechocinek (Poland). We are an organization which respects ethical values and human rights. Miss Wheelchair World organise an international beauty contest for disabled women from all over the world to celebrate overcoming barriers, self-acceptance and empowerment of disabled women.

photo shoot-miss world-styling hair
miss wheelchair photo shoot- foundation taka-jaka

What is our purpose?

  • support women in striving for independence, and self-esteem, boost their professional and social activity.
  • break through the mental barriers and stereotypes which people with disabilities need to struggle with
  • be an organization that changes the world for equal rights and empathy for disabled women participating in the Miss Wheelchair World beauty contest,
  • inspire women to change and believe that disability is not an obstacle to love, happiness and success.

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