18 January 2018, 11:05

"Help knows no borders" project







The Only One Foundation, as part of #MissionMiss project, joins in Justyna Kułakowska’s fund-raiser called „Help knows no borders”. We are raising money to buy an active, manual wheelchair for one of Botswana’s (Southern Africa) disabled citizen, who broke his neck while jumping to the pool and suffered a spinal cord injury at C5-C6 level.







The initiator of the fund-raiser is our colleague, The Only One Mom, working in the Foundation for Active Rehabilitation. In December 2017 she has lead an active rehabilitation camp in Botswana, where she met Dullas.



Dullas is a young, enthusiastic man, who would like to live actively and independently. Unfortunately, unlike the people who got involved in a motor vehicle accident, the government in Botswana does not provide any support. Issues he is facing, his charisma and a desire for independent life prompted Justyna to organize this amazing fund-raiser.




 "My name is Kaone Dullas Meyoya. I am 29 years old born on May 25th. I am currently single because that is the box I can currently tick when filling any official documents... Well… No kids either... but currently I have a puppy that I named after a friend... her name is Justyna.


 In 2012, October I got involved in an accident while swimming. I dived into a shallow pool and broke my neck then suffered a spinal cord injury, level C5-C6. So I am quadriplegic. Lost my hands grip as well. I was in the military by then. But now I got discharged from duty in 2015 on medical grounds. I have been on a wheelchair for 5 full years now and I am doing six this year. Unlike people who got involved in motor vehicle accidents, in my country the fund does not cover me to help me with technical aids and other things to ease my life as a person living with SCI.


 So that being the case, the critical thing is that I am not able to get a good active wheelchair neither can I afford to buy myself one because I don't even have a job now. But I am just a jolly person all in all. I like travelling meeting new people making friends. I wish to travel to Poland and see Justyna Kulakowska again… 


 I love deep soulful house music, TV series, learning of other people's cultures, I love sitting and chatting with my buddies. I talk a lot... and I am very inquisitive and always eager to know. I love food too... me and food are best buddies… "




The Only One Foundation, as an organization working to change the image of people with disabilities as well as promoting active and independent life, joins this fund-raiser with pleasure.


The first ambassador is Adrianna Zawadzińska – Miss Wcheelchair Poland 2016 and the second runner-up of Miss Wheelchair World 2017.

Fot. Marta Kuśmierz


The second ambassador is Aleksandra Chichikova – Miss Wheelchair World 2017, which on January 26 is coming to Warsaw. The purpose of her visit is receiving the prize – Quickie Helium wheelchair, and supporting the “Help knows no borders” project. Also, a few auctions will be organized to raise money for Dullas’s wheelchair, and the final will take place in Warsaw on February 22.

Fot. Marta Kuśmierz


We encourage you to help or share the information about “Help knows no borders” project.


The amount of money needed to buy a wheelchair for Dullas is 16 000 PLN. Link to the fund-raiser below: