18 February 2022, 16:32

Miss Wheelchair World - edition Rosarito 2022

The Miss Wheelchair World organization has chosen Mexico as the venue for the Second International Contest in its history to be held in 2022

18 January 2018, 11:05

"Help knows no borders" project

The Only One Foundation, as part of #MissionMiss project, joins in Justyna Kułakowska's fund-raiser called "Help knows no borders". We are raising money to buy an active, manual wheelchair for one of Botswana?s (Southern Africa) disabled citizen, who broke his neck while jumping to the pool and suffered a spinal cord injury at C5-C6 level.

Kalendarz 1.jpg
21 December 2017, 10:23

Calendar Miss Wheelchair World in sale!

Calendar with the Miss Wheelchair World finalists for 2018 now in sale!

24059005_1634927643197156_3522942821734275833_n - Kopia.png
30 November 2017, 11:54

4th EP of Persons with Disabilities

On the 6th of December 4th European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities will be held.The event takes in Brussels. Aim of this event is to develop recommendations for the EP regarding the rights of people with disabilities. Representatives from all EU Member States will participate. Poland will be the largest group during this event and among the representatives of our country will also be. The Only One Foundation, which is actively working to change the image of people with disabilities.

15 November 2017, 13:28

Announcement of the calendar

The work of publishing the calendar with the Finalists of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 is ongoing. Here's a little sneak peek of what you can expect. 24 beautiful women who inspire to act and show that beauty has no barrier.

25 October 2017, 15:17

Partners' thanks

The Only One Foundation wishes to thank all partners of Miss Wheelchair World 2017 for the kindness, help and support of our project. Thanks to the City of Warsaw - host and You we could organize this wonderful event, whose main goal is to change the image of people with disabilities, social integration and breaking down barriers.

8 October 2017, 13:12

Miss Wheelchair World 2017 Results Proclamation

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Only One Fundation has a pleasure to announce the results of Miss Wheelchair World Peagant 2017. We congratulate all the winners!

7 October 2017, 10:26

Miss Wheelchair World Final Gala live broadcast

We invite you to watch the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 Final Gala, broadcast starts on October 7th at 19:00 CEST, UTC+2. Be with us!

7 October 2017, 10:23

The Jury of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017

The title of the first Miss World 2017 will be decided by the Jury:

6 October 2017, 17:49

Miss Wheelchair World 2017 Final Gala

The Only One Foundation, author and organizer of the very first Miss Wheelchair World contest, invites you to the Final Gala! The pageant takes place at Ursynów Arena in Warsaw, Pileckiego 122, at 19:00 CEST, UTC+2. Miss Wheelchair World is by no means an ordinary beauty contest. Rather than that, it stands for an international manifesto of women's rights, independence, self-fulfilment and self-esteem, regardless of their place of residence, motor abilities or social status.

29 September 2017, 14:44

Miss Wheelchair World Workshops

Today is the day we start the Miss Wheelchair World Workshops! There will be a lot of work, but also plenty of fun. We want girls to remember the time spent in Poland as best as possible. They will be offered a wide array of attractions, from tours around the most interesting places in Warsaw, to meetings with inspiring people, to workshops during which they will prepare for the Final Gala, assisted by photographers and choreographers.

7 September 2017, 10:25

Miss Wheelchair World Announcement

We inform that My Chau Pham Thi - finalist from Vietnam - has withdrawn from the contest. For this reason commission decided to qualify second representative from Belarus - Angelina Waleskaya. The change has been introduced in accordance with Miss Wheelchair World 2017 regulations.

5 September 2017, 23:38

Choose the Miss Popularity Wheelchair World 2017

Organiser of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 together with city government of Warsaw and partners of the project encourage all countries to choose the most popular woman on wheelchair. The voting will start on September 6th and will end on October 6th 2017. Internet users will have 31 days to choose the most popular candidate.

5 September 2017, 23:25

Regulations of the voting

Regulations of the voting for Miss Popularity Wheelchair World 2017 through PayPal I. Preliminary provisions 1. Each time in these general rules the following expressions and definitions will be used, they should be understood as follows: 1.1. The Organiser, The Only One Foundation, KRS (National Court Register) 0000453750, NIP (Tax Number) 8911623477, REGON (National Business Registry Number) 341406755, Słowackiego 15/2 Street, 87-720 Ciechocinek 1.2. Voter - subject, on which PayPal accoun

22 August 2017, 09:43

The finalists have been chosen!

On 20th of August recrutation proceedings for Miss Wheelchair World was ended. Women, who are on a daily basis moving under wheelchairs, had 3 months to apply for this unique, first in history, beauty pageant. According to regulations maxymally 25 contestants could enter the finals. Countries that organise their own regional contest were allowed to register two representatives, whereas those who don't also no more than two, although one organisation that works toward disabled people...

16 August 2017, 09:15

The most beautiful in the world with character...

On the 4th of August it has been exactly 4 years since the first edition of Miss Poland on wheelchair. Our history has started in 2013 and still continues. At that time we didn't even imagine that few years later the Only One Foundation will be an organiser of the Miss Wheelchair World - social event on a global scale.

zakonczenie rekrutacji.png
31 July 2017, 13:19

Recruitment for the MWW ends on August 20th

As an organizer of the first in the history Miss Wheelchair World we would like to remind you that the recruitment proceedings ends on August 20th and at the same time to encourage you to send an application form.

14 July 2017, 12:44

Report to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017!

The recruitment proceedings to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 is under way (till August 20th). For the first time in history the wheelchair ? bound women from all over the world are to compete for the crown. South Africa, Chile, United Kingdom, Kenya, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Czech Republic, USA, Norway, Netherlands are among countries interested. For the time being Poland, Guatemala and India filed complete applications.

5 July 2017, 10:56

All your questions on the Miss Wheelchair World

We sum up all your questions on the Miss Wheelchair World 2017, therefore please find below our answers to that questions, which should clear up all your doubts. If there is something more to clear up just write us!

4 July 2017, 11:50

You have questions? Just write Us!

You would like to report for the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 but there are some things which need to be cleared up. Just write us. We will answer all your questions: both the questions of participants the participants as well as organizers of the national miss wheelchair contests. We warmly welcome also non government organisation, which would like to report their candidates for the Miss Wheelchair World 2017.

28 June 2017, 10:59

Miss Wheelchair World 2017 needs your support

The Only One Foundation has launched a crowdfunding campaign on "Polak Pomaga" web page. The aim of the campaign is to support us with the Miss Wheelchair World's 2017 organization. We await for each penny till September 26th 2017. With Your help we will make this beauty pageant a really top notch event.

19 May 2017, 17:45

Recruitment for the Miss Wheelchair World Contest!

The organizer of the Miss Wheelchair World Contest 2017 The Only One Foundation and the Town Hall of Capital City of Warsaw as well as the partners of this beauty contest invite all the countries to submit their candidates to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017. Recruitment is held on May 20th till August 20th 2017 (included).

Zaw (326).jpg
25 October 2016, 15:34

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Pageant

Are you still wondering whether to visit Poland on October the 7th during Miss Wheelchair World Pageant? Would You like your country?s representatives to participate in this unique competition, but you do not know how it would all proceed? We ensure You, that there is many attractions and unforgettable emotions, not to be described with words.

7 October 2016, 10:23

Miss Wheelchair World on 07.10.2017

Exactly in one year on the 7th. Of October 2017 the first in history Miss Wheelchair World Pageant will be held. Its organizer is the Only One Foundation and the Capital City of Warsaw Office. Miss Wheelchair World is an innovatory on a worldwide scale event, during which to Poland will come the most beautiful wheelchair using women from the whole world, to fight for the title of Miss Wheelchair World.

30 September 2016, 12:00

Official trailer Miss Wheelchair World 2017

The main theme of the clip is the wedding motive to show that disability is not a barier to love and achieving happiness. The clip preview took place during the Miss Poland Wheelchair Final Gala 2016. Organizer of Miss Wheelchair World 2017: the One&Only Foundation, Miss Wheelchair World 2017 Project partners: the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, Quickie, the New Stage, SOD ?Paweł Janiszewski.

miss plakat 2016 a4 rgb.jpg
15 July 2016, 15:56

Final Gala of Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016

On the day of July 16th at 8 pm in Amphitheatre of Bemowo in Warsaw will take place Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala! It will be an amazing event which we won?t forget for a long time.

15 July 2016, 15:48

Second clip of Miss Wheelchair World

In July 2016 during Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Workshop-annual gathering of the finalists of our competition, the recordings to the main video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World 2017 project took place.

15 July 2016, 13:53

First clip of Miss Wheelchair World

In December 2015 took place the recordings for the first video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World 2017 project. The recordings took place in beautiful industrial inferiors of Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw - the capital of Poland.