Recruitment 2017

The organizer of the Miss Wheelchair World Contest 2017 The Only One Foundation and the Town Hall of Capital City of Warsaw as well as the partners of this beauty contest invite all the countries to submit their candidates to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017. Recruitment is held on May 20th till August 20th 2017 (included).

Miss Wheelchair World 2017 is an unprecedented event, during which the most beautiful wheelchair woman in the world is to be elected according to the rule “beauty no limits”.


This first beauty contest for wheelchair women in history is at the same time a great opportunity for women throughout the world to visit Poland,  show their beauty, grace and personality as well as praise the beauty of each country they represent during the competition.


One of the aims of this unique beauty contest is to change a previous, negative  approach of people towards disability, break stereotypes, fight discrimination of the women with disabilities throughout the world. The project is designed to help wheelchair women in reaching their full potential, i.e.; assist them in striving for independence, boost their professional and social activities. The Organizers of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 wants to draw the employers’ attention to people with disabilities and to introduce these people to the world of fashion, advertising campaigns and photo sessions. Moreover the aim of the project is to brake through mental barriers and stereotypes which women with disabilities need to struggle with. At the same time the project facilitates the exchange of information concerning the latest science and medical achievements and experiences in rehabilitation techniques which is of key importance in dealing with disability.  


The Final Gale which reveals the most beautiful wheelchair woman in the world will be held on October 7th in Arena Ursynów in Warsaw which You are now warmly invited for!


The final of the beauty contest is  preceded by the Miss Wheelchair World workshops during which the finalists will take part in a specially designated activities. The workshops will be held on September 29th, end terminate upon the Final Gale on October 7th 2017.


The 25 finalists selected during the recruitment proceedings will participate in the Final Gale of the Miss Wheelchair World preparation, which starts on September 29th.


Each country, a host for the national wheelchair beauty contest, presents 2 candidates, whereas other countries (in which the national beauty contest does not take place) may present only one wildcard candidate.


Each contestant must be presented to the appropriate Regional Representative or to the Organizers before the submission to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017.


Recruitment proceedings starts on May 20th till August 20th 2017 (included). Having revealed the finalists during the recruitment proceedings - sms and e-mail voting will begin. The finalist, who wins the aforementioned voting during the Final Gale of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 receives a title of Miss Popularity 2017.


You can report for the competition if you are at least 18 years old wheelchair woman who holds the certificate of disability. 


The recruitment proceedings is open and it also serves as a communication channel between the NGO (non government organization) concerning people with disabilities throughout the world.


You can report for the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 if You already participated in the national beauty contest (if it was held in your native country).


Otherwise, if in your country the national beauty contest has not been held, the National Representative who enter into cooperation with the Organizers of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 may submit  one wildcard candidate .In case more than one candidate from one country is submitted the Organizers observes the right to choose one candidate among the candidates submitted.


The independent Jury qualify the candidates to the Final Gale of Miss Wheelchair World as well as elect the laureates of both national beauty contests and the laureates of Miss Wheelchair World 2017. The members of Jury will be confirmed by the Organizers.


To submit your candidature to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 please send your application to the following e-mail address: or, as well as to the seat of The Only One Foundation in Ciechocinek, SÅ‚owackiego street 15/2, Zip code 87-200 Ciechocinek.


The application must contain:

– scans of the recruitment files (application form, declaration on the personal data, photo release form and the acceptance of the Regulation of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 – all the aforementioned documents need to be personally signed),

–  photocopy of the disability certificate,

–  2 photographs in electronic form (one of face and one of the whole body on the wheelchair; in format not lower than 800 pixels on its longest side. The photographs will be put on the Organizers’ websites and on the social media. The photographs may not be marked with any statements promoting other social or professional activities,

–  Two to five minutes video record in avi, mp4, mpg or wmv format during which a candidate answers the following questions:

a) Why it is you who should become Miss Wheelchair World 2017?

b) As a Miss Wheelchair World 2017 what would you do to change the image of people with disabilities?

c) Do you think that disability is an obstacle to become fulfilled in daily life?


The Regulation of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 is available at regulation. All the contestants need to become familiar with this Regulation. The Regulation in the wording of September 18th 2017 (the subject of the amendement was art. 8 of the Regulation).


All the recruitment proceedings rar files are available here recruitment proceedings


Workshop Regulation of Miss Wheelchair World 2017 we will sign an agreement with the beauty contest finalists upon the announcement of the results. 


The beauty contest will be held according to the rule “beauty no limits”, that is why it is not only addressed to the people with disabilities,  but also to other people, companies, institutions and offices throughout the world.


We are waiting just for You!