Our organization – The Only One Foundation last year was organized the 4th edition of Miss Poland Wheelchair, what had allowed us to  gain even more experience and knowledge in beauty peagant organization. This is precisely the reason why we want to teach the other countries how to organize such peagant at home. This way next year they would be able to exhibit their own representatives in the Miss Wheelchair World Beauty Peagant.  

We have prepared special tools, video and photo materials, as well as written guidelines available here The organisation of the Miss Wheelchair Contest –a Guide, which would be a large facilitation for our neighbors and not only them. 

What we care about most is the exchange of good practices among the people with disabilities, facilitating communications and free flow of information. Our wish would be to make it feasible that  in one year to Poland would come as many as possible beautiful women from Europe and other continents, which would be able to integrate on an international scale. 

Should You have any questions, we request that You contact The Only One Foundation - the organizer of Miss Wheelchair World
e-mail:, e-mail:
or Michał Mazur, the project's coordinator on behalf of the Capital City of Warsaw - the Pageant's coorganizer.