Promotional materials

Official trailer of the video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World 2017 Pageant

In July 2016, during the Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Workshops - the annual gathering of the pageant’s finalists the recording of Miss Wheelchair World 2017 promotional video clip took place.

The models presented themselves in wedding gowns prepared by Viola Piekut. The wedding motive was proposed as the main idea, because of the principal aim of The Only One Foundation - the need of image change of women with disabilities. The beautiful ladies were looking wonderfully in white, proving that disability does not exclude happiness stemming from love and marriage.

In the recording participated the title Miss Poland Wheelchair of the years 2013-2015 and the accompanying them models. Recordings for the video took place in the Capital City of Warsaw area and in the beautiful interiors of the Palace of Culture and Science and in Bemowo Culture Centre.



The organizer of Miss Wheelchair World 2017 is the Only One Foundation, and among the present partners of the project there are the Capital City of Warsaw, Quickie, SOD - Paweł Janiszewski.

Video material:  Sound & Visual Creative Studio Kolbuszowa

Make up:  MakeUp Art Marzena Bartosz

Hair: Berendowicz & Kublin Academy Warsaw

Wedding gowns: Viola Piekut


The first video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World

In December 2015 the recordings for the first video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World 2017 were held. The recording took place in the beautiful industrial interiors of Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The clip realization was taken care of by the regularly cooperating with the Only One Foundation IP Studio Sebastian Wolny, Tomek Świątkowski. In the clip the Miss Poland Wheelchair of the years 2013-2015 have presented themselves. Shining outfits, entertaining music, sequins, lights, strong make up and a huge dose of beauty - these are the characteristic signs of the first Miss Wheelchair World video clip.



Video: Studio IP, Sebastian Wolny, Tomek Świątkowski
Choreography: Anna Bubnowska, Katarzyna Piechowiak
Make up: Marzena Bartosz, PINK MINK - Vegan Make Up
Stylist: Mateusz Szymkowiak
Hair: Dorota Kasiorkiewicz, Robert Franciszek Szmagaj
Photo: Musiej Photography, Dariusz Gajko


Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Pageant 

In 2016, there was already the 4th. edition of Miss Poland Wheelchair Pageant held. The Final Gala was the culmination of week-long preparations at the special Miss Workshops. This year there was 41 women from the whole Poland, but only 12 of them could enter the great final. 2 were chosen by Internet users, while 10 by the specially appointed jury. The choice of the most beautiful one was not easy, but the individual presentations of finalists allowed to make a decision.

The decisive favourite, who not only conquered jury’s hearts, but also the audience’s was Adrianna Zawadzińska. It was her, that won the Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 title, the complementary Profemed title, Miss Audience tittle and Miss Photo.

The Ist Vicemiss title went to Patrycja Wójciak, while the IInd Vicemiss to Anna Płoszyńska. The biggest recognition of Internet users gained Elżbieta Zarzecka - Miss Wheelchair Popularity 2016. And the Miss Social Media 2016 went to Agata Cybuchowska. It was a beautiful evening, that will stay in our memory for long.



Video clip promoting Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Pageant

Big day and amazing emotions. Are You curious what the preparations for Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala had looked like?

Watch the video clip of the unique event.



Finalists Workshops

A week-long Miss Workshops preceeding Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala, during them photo shoots, visage training, coach meetings and stage outfit choice classes. All that, to be sure that the Finalists will be not only well prepared for the day, but also ready to receive the title and fulfill the duties with it connected. This year the Workshops participants awaited many challenges and hard work. You will see anyway…



Here you can see pictures and materials from the fourth edition of Miss Poland Wheelchair:

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Proclamation of results of Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Finalists Workshops 

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Pageant Partners


Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015 Pageant 

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015 Final Gala drew crowds to Warsaw. On that day there was 12 great women presenting themselves on stage, chosen from among 62 applications. In the choice of women, similiarly to the year of 2014 the decisive voice had the Internet users, for it was them, who indicated as many as 10 candidates, which deserved the Final, while the remaining 2 were picked by the jury. But the crown could go to only one of them, despite the fact that each one deserved it.

Several exits of the Finalists, group and individual presentations and proclamation of results. This is just a small abbreviation of what was happening and truly a lot was happening.

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015 title won Katarzyna Kozioł, to which also the title of Miss Audience had gone. Ist Vicemiss became Joanna Krzemieniewska. IInd Vicemiss and Miss Popularity Katarzyna Szot, while Miss Media Integration - Julita Kuczkowska.



Finalists Workshops

Miss Workshops is not only the time for care - it is also hours of training choreography,coach meetings, choosing stage outfits or unique photo shoots. It is great fun in connection with hard work, in order to be sure that every finalist is ready to take on not only the title but also the duties of Miss Poland Wheelchair!

Choreography is the most difficult and demanding element of Miss Workshops, to  which the most time is devoted. It has to be fitted to each of the Finalists in order to present her grace, charm and personality at the Final Gala. See what it looked like in 2015.


Here you can see pictures and materials from the third edition of Miss Poland Wheelchair:

The Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015 Final Gala – our report!

Proclamation of results of Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015 Pageant Partners

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2014 Pageant 

The 16th of August 2014, Bemowo Amphitheatre. It was here, that the 2nd. edition of Miss Poland Wheelchair took place. Warsaw for the first time was a host to the most beautiful Polish women from various parts of our country. As many as 12 women entered the final, not 10 as the previous year. The organizers of the unique beauty pageant appointed a special jury, that had picked additionally 2 more finalists on the basis of the so called wild card.

The Miss Poland Wheelchair 2014 Final Gala was a huge event. On the day, Miss Poland Wheelchair 2014 and Miss Audience became Julia Torla, Ist Vicemiss and Miss Popularity Beata Jałocha, and IInd Vicemiss Monika Florczuk. The title of Miss Photo went to Aleksandra Karpińska, who charmed the photographers gathered on the Gala with her grace.


Finalists Workshops

Every woman, who takes care of herself is beautiful, and disability does not take away her feminity. Since the very beginning, The Only One Foundation’s idea is image change of people with disability, especially women. Hence the idea of organizing Miss Poland Wheelchair. During the Miss Workshops, the Finalists discover their inner beauty and learn to care for it. Thanks to photo shoots, visage training, coach meetings, choreography classes they gain confidence, to be able to fully present themselves in front of the gathered audience during the Final Gala.



Miss Poland Wheelchair 2013 Pageant 

The 4th. of August 2013, Ciechocinek and the 1st Miss Poland Wheelchair. The day went down in history. On that day the first in history Miss Poland Wheelchair was chosen. Olga Fijałkowska became her. Noone had decided to organize such pageant ever before. Noone but The Only One Foundation, brought to life by two disabled moms with the thought of social integration and image change of people with disability, particularly women. For the Final, by Internet users’ votes 10 women were chosen from among 72 participants, who before the Final Gala had met on Miss Workshops. The competition was a huge challenge for everyone. Its organization demanded extremely hard work and big engagement. Thanks to many people’s cooperation it was possible to button everything up, and the Final Gala was held on the high level. Ciechocinek, on that evening drew crowds of people, who wanted to see the most beautiful women moving with help of wheelchair. The Finalists entered the Final Gala assisted by motorcyclists of GOLDWING OF POLAND, and than presented themselves in several views, allowing better understanding of themselves this way. That evening Olga Fijałkowska won also the title of Miss Poland Wheelchair by the votes of readers, and next to her we could also see Monika Buczyńska - Ist Vicemiss Poland Wheelchair and Weronika Wróbel - IInd Vicemiss Poland Wheelchair, Miss Audience and Miss Internet.


Photo: Paweł Nałęcz, The Only One Fundation