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The first in history Miss Wheelchair World already on October the 7th. 2017. 


IT IS YOU THAT WE NEED                      


Miss Wheelchair World is a unique in a worldwide scale event, during which to Poland will come the most beautiful women using wheelchair from the whole world to compete for the title of Miss Wheelchair World.   


The principal aims of this unique  event are: integration of environments of people with disability from the whole world, breaking barriers, showing that disability is not a limitation and a wheelchair not an indicator of beauty, as well as facilitation of information exchange on the newest scientific and medical discoveries.

It is our first such a big project and we want its organization to be on as high a level as possibile, a world level.


We encourage everyone to suport us in the organization of this unique project. We need everybody who could put his contribution into the event, especially sponsors, partners, photographers. We have an extensive benefits offer depending on the level of input into the organization. We offer promotion in the media and  in our advertising materials, as well as a “tailor-made” cooperation. 


All the companies willing to become partners and suport the organization of Miss Wheelchair World we invite to contact. 

We will present You our possibilities and find a solution, that would satisfy both sides.


We also welcome individuals billing to suport the pageant’s organization. There is place for everyone!


In matters of supporting the Only One Foundation, becoming a partner, media patronage, donor or technical support you should contact us under the mailing address: fundacja@jedyna-taka.pl or contact@misswheelchairworld.org.


Together we can do more!!!