On 29 October we started the Miss Wheelchair World Workshops! There will be a lot of work, but also plenty of fun. We want girls to remember the time spent in Poland as best as possible.


They will be offered a wide array of attractions, from tours around the most interesting places in Warsaw, to meetings with inspiring people, to workshops during which they will prepare for the Final Gala, assisted by photographers and choreographers.


The Contest Winner will be selected during the Final Gala which will take place on 7 October (Saturday) in Arena Ursynów but you can feel the atmosphere of this unique event right now by assuming the role of a juror and casting your vote for Miss Popularity. Voting will continue until Friday, 6th October (until a minute before midnight). 

You can vote here,voting-for-miss-popularity.html


Feel invited to vote for Miss Popularity and take part in the Grand Final Gala. 


To book a free ticket You need to fill a form located on this website,tickets.html



The first Miss Wheelchair World pageant will be held in Ursynów Arena on Pileckiego 122 street in Warsaw. Facility is well-adjusted to the needs of people who are using wheelchairs. To ensure a capability of active participation in the event to all guests, during Final Gala will also be available translation into polish, international sign language just as inductive loop and live audio description.


The event will be hosted by the Capital City of Warsaw, with the Only One Foundation (Polish: Fundacja Jedyna Taka) acting as the organiser.


An extraordinary week awaits us!